WEDDINGS AT The Boulevard Hair Co

The Boulevard Hair Co salon specializes in bridal hairstyles, wedding hair updos  for you and your bridal party on your wedding day. Boulevard stylists are experts in bridal hair styling.


Begin the beauty of your wedding day at Boulevard Hair Co salon. We understand how important your wedding day is to you and your groom. Therefore our professional teams put in the extra effort to meet all of your bridal beauty needs. From make-up applications to bridal design updos, the Boulevard Hair Co offers everything you need to make your special day memorable. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our relentlessness in ensuring the bride is relaxed and feeling beautiful.  

When choosing a wedding stylist, it's important to ask some key questions.  Click here for tips on HOW TO CHOOSE A WEDDING STYLIST.


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When you decide that The Boulevard offers the best stylists St. Louis has to offer, a 20% non-refundable deposit (plus traveling fees if applicable) is required to secure the date. Click here to see a complete list of WEDDING SERVICE PRICES. Packages can be customized to meet your individual needs and budget. For more information, please call the salon to speak to a wedding consultant.



Definitely Bring... 

We recommend that you bring pictures of styles you like, especially if this is your first time to the salon. Keep in mind that if we don't know your personal tastes, you'll have to show as well as tell. Bridal magazines, online wedding websites, and friends' wedding pictures are great places to get ideas. Another great idea is to bring photos of yourself, displaying any particular hairstyles or features that you like.

Also bring any hair accessories you are thinking of using, including your veil. Hair accessories can make any hairstyle look different. So it is important to see yourself exactly as you will look on your wedding day.

Lastly, wear a white T-shirt (or one that closely matches the color of your dress) to your wedding updo trial. Make sure it has a similar neckline as well - different hairstyles lend themselves to different necklines. Take the advice of The Knot: "You can't wear your gown to your hair trial, so do the next best thing - pick a white or light-colored shirt with a similar neckline."

Optional Items to Bring...

A great idea is to bring your camera with you. At your request, we can photograph each finished look from all angles - front, back, and both sides. That way you'll be able to see how you look from all sides as well as how the style will translate onto photographs. This is not crucial but may help give you some insight into what to expect on your wedding day. 

You can also feel free to bring a notepad and pen with you. We can help you document the exact products and techniques that we use to save as a reference for your big day. Don't worry though, we make sure to document all of this as well. We just understand that some brides can be put at ease with that extra little bit of control over the process. You won't offend us by asking.

Questions to Answer Prior to Your Trial... 

Before you hire a stylist you need to decide a few things:
Do you want her to come to you on your wedding day or would you rather go to the salon?
Will she only do your hair or your bridal party's hair as well?
How many people will need formal styling services on the day of your wedding? (Bride, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, etc...)
Do you want her to come and stay with you throughout the day to do touch-ups before photo sessions and the reception?
Do you have any special requests of the stylist that will need to be discussed prior to your wedding day?

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When your wedding day arrives, wear your undergarments under a button-front shirt so you'll be ready to slip into your dress when your hair is done.  The last thing you want to do is try and take a pull-over t-shirt off with your wedding updo in place.  The same holds true for putting your undergarments on.

If we are coming to you, ensure there is a place for us to complete your updo.  It helps if there is a table near the work station and you are sitting in a low back chair so that we have easy access to your hair.  Most importantly, make sure there are electrical outlets nearby for appliances like hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

Please keep in mind how many bridesmaids that will be receiving formal styling as well.  So that we can make your wedding party look beautiful in a reasonable amount of time, there will need to be space for each stylist to work simultaneously.

Lastly, be sure to ask for tips on how to keep your updo in place throughout the reception.  If your veil needs to be removed after the ceremony, we can give you a lesson on how to do it.  After all, you want to show off those beautiful locks, don't you?